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Even though most won’t be Trick or Treating or going to a party, You can still make it fun at your house or in a small gathering group. Here are some fun, cool, and easy DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) Halloween tricks and projects.

Get the whole family involved. Other good ideas since most won’t be Trick or Treating are:

  • Scary Movies (the obvious)
  • Christmas Movies (the cheesier the better, good to laugh at)
  • Board Games
  • Monster Candy Exchange (where everyone buys a bag and blends it all together)
  • Charades
  • Costumed Dance Off
  • Karaoke

Anything fun and interactive. You can even play board games and do all the above via Zoom and Contactless Drop Off. Be creative. Make your own rules. Have fun.

Just remember to be safe.

There are so many fabulous ways to virtual communicate. There are all sorts of free apps too. Tango, Duo, Messenger, Facebook, Facetime, Zoom, and more where everyone can see each other. Endless possibilities.

Click either link below to watch VIDEO on how to create these Spooky Halloween DIY projects and more.