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All of us ‘Non-Trumpsters’, aka NOT a Trump Supporter, have been racking our brains. How can they exist (suporters)? Why do they exist? Where do they exist? When did they become Trump supporters? And, quite frankly, Who were they supporting before Trump? Will they change when he is no longer in White House? Why are they so hateful? Why are they so blind to what is in front of them? Even when he is speaking directly to his ‘Fanbase’? Why are they so angry? Who are they so angry at?


With Trump and his seemingly never ending assualt circus, and his idolatrous fanbase, you can’t help but have lots of real questions. Its like having a small piece of the world see him as perfect, then there is the other 85-90% who see him as an EGOTISTICAL, BELLIGERENT, HYPOCRITICAL, LIAR, THIEF, PHILANDERER, POSSIBLE SCHIZOPHRENIC, LECHEROUS, CONDESCENDING, CONNIVING, RACIST, BIGOT, SEXIST PSYCHOTIC, SOCIOPATH.

That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg, as they say. It is just insane to try and understand his rhetoric, speech, and actions. It sounds like it is from a madman. Therefore, for him to have a ‘fanbase’, that idolizes him is dumbfounding.

Well, here is what science says.

Click the link below to read full article/blog as seen in Psychology Today publication.