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Asian Giant ‘Murder’ Hornet

The hornet has a body LENGTH of 45 millimetres (34 inches), a WINGSPAN around 75 mm (3 in), and a STINGER 6 mm (14 in) long, which injects A LARGE AMOUNT OF POTENT VENOM.[9]

Asian Giant ‘Murder’ Hornet
The hornet has a body length of 45 millimetres (1 3⁄4 inches), a wingspan around 75 mm (3 in), and a stinger 6 mm (1⁄4 in) long, which injects a large amount of potent venom.
A “regular sized” Native Washington Bald  Hornet (top).  An Asian Giant ‘Murdered’ Hornet.
Do you SEE the SIZE OF THOSE STINGERS!!!!  👀  👁👁  ☠️💀☠️

So they caught a live one, put a tracker on it, and had it lead them back to the first discovered hive. Plans are to very carefully destroy the hive. These hornets  are an invasive species from Japan, and very deadly to other insects. Especially, Honey Bees. They decapitate their prey in the process. A small group of Asian Giant Bees can DESTROY and KILL an ENTIRE Honey Bee Hive in a couple of hours.

Please note if you see one of these do not approach it, unless you can catch it safely and turn it over to authorities. Instead, call the police or animal control or exterminator ASAP.

Also note, these Asian Giant Wasp  can fly 25MPH!!! Needless to say, if I saw one I would walk on air in the opposite direction.

Seeing how just a couple of months ago, I had a severe allergic reaction to No Seeums. Suffering 2 Anaphylactic Shock episodes. Not including suffering for over 2 weeks trying to breath normally.


No Seeums, Ceratopogonidae is a family of flies commonly known as no-see-ums, or biting midges, generally 1–3 mm in length. The family includes more than 5,000 species,[1] distributed worldwide, apart from the Antarctic and the Arctic.

Back to me, and our Murder Hornet Situation …

Not only would I take off in the opposite direction, if it caught me, I know my ass would be in the hospital, or worse dead!!! Needless to say, I am accutely aware.

Reminds me I need to stock up on Benedryl, get some Epi Pens, and a new inhaler. What can I say, I like breathing.

Open SmartNews and read Scientists find first-ever ‘murder hornet’ nest in Washington state here:



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Asian Giant ‘Murder’ Hornet
Asian Giant ‘Murder’ Hornet