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When numbers don’t lie. THIS IS NOT A HOAX, or POLITICS, or PROPAGANDA. THIS IS REAL!!!This is EXACTLY WHY YOU MUST VOTE! This could have been avoided and or minimized if Trump had taken action. Next, unemployment increase, more deaths, more illness, more violence, more homelessness. More drugs, more suicide, more instability, chaos, and murder. Trump and HIS CRONIES MUST GO!!!!!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

OH…You know who made money today, Trump’s close knit circle that sold and bought on the market as far back s January, when Trump and his cronies gave them a heads up on the Virus.

When companies lose money over and over again, people go first, then assets, then companies. However, if people are sick and or dying, assets go and then companies, not necessarily in that order.

Have YOU been affected by economy, COVID-19, natural disaster and not getting relief, government holding your benefits or stimulus hostage? Guess what, VOTE. You can thank the President and his Senate and Cronies. VOTE VOTE VOTE.

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