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Congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodger Team, Franchise, Fans, and Los Angeles.

I’m ashamed to say that this year I missed watching Baseball. COVID-19, Politics, Life, and all. Especially, because I grew up loving Baseball, and particularly, the LA Dodgers. They are my Home Team, as I was born and raised in Los Angeles County. My grandmother who raised me was a huge Baseball lover, so we would watch together, laugh, squint, swear a little and eat.fun food. So, even as an adult, both Baseball and the LA Dodgers hold a very special place in my heart.

I remember meeting Steve Garvey, Tommy LaSorda, and more for the first time with my aunt Avis for KTLA where she worked. Then as an adult eating at Tommy Lasorda’s Restaurant. So you see, the game and the franchise and me go way back.

Here is to a great win. Hopefully next season we’ll have less COVID and more fun and a Dodger Blue win 2021!

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