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For all you Trump supporters listening to Trump’s rhetoric, here are the real numbers, what they mean, and how they apply. He has left us worse than when he took office. Just because an immediate number says 30%, doesn’t mean the big long term picture.

When it comes to the the staunch Republican, this article breaks down the new common threads. This article also explains what are the fundamental problems, or should I say problems with our country. This current Republican oriented Party, must stop thinking that in the U.S., it is me (my personal life), myself, a Party Line, at all cost, and then maybe, the people I like, and then maybe, all hardworking citizens, screw the world and the planet.

This is an incredibly immoral concept to say the least. Let alone, so greatly illogical. So blinded by fear, and greed, the Republican far right, and some center Republicans, have seemingly lost their way. We should focus on We the People, of the United States of America, and grow as a unified country together. It is one thing to not agree on all policies, it is another thing, to go from opponents, and disagreements, to enemies. Especially, possible mortal, militia style, barbaric, enemies.

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