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Even with vaccines close, this is now. People don’t realize that even with vaccines being close, first that have to be approved, for emergency use first. Then, general. The first 60 days after approval, they will be monitoring super closely. Than for an additional two years, they will be going through their trials, even while people are being administered. Which is fine.

However, a vaccine is a general preventive medicine. However, it is not a guaranteed preventive medicine. A vaccine is also not a cure. A vaccine will also not ease the symptoms, nor shorten the duration. So, people must act accordingly. This doesn’t even include how many does will be available, to whom, and what is the qualification of who receives soonest, rather than later.

What I am saying is we must still be extremely cautious until more is known, and done. This is definitely going to be an endurance marathon, rather than any kinda sprint. That is reality.

If I had to guess, I would say end of next year, we will be at the top of the iceberg. Real time, mid 2021 or Fall of 2021, we will have something real, and hopefully available to most. Bottom line is R and D (Research and Development) take longer, especially on something unknown or new.

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