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Graham and McConnell are complete but jobs. We have been doing mail in and absentee ballots since 1775. All, because Trump lost, they think THEY have some entitlement to change history and the LAW! In Trump’s case, HE DID NOT HAVE THE VOTES NEEDED TO HAVE THE NECESSARY 270 ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES! PERIOD!

Get over it!!! Normally I would say the Georgia run off seats for Senate should go one and one. One Democrat and one Republican. But, with the way Trump and his cronies are acting, we NEED to have TWO DEMOCRATS, just so we can get shit done, WITHOUT BLOWHARDS, obstacles, endless filibusters, with stalling, wasting time, energy, public funds, and resources.

America NEEDS more, and DESERVES more. We need REAL leadership with a plan! Not some King Twitter of Rhetoric and Instigation or ANY of his ass kissing Lackeys.

I seriously can’t wait for those three to be out of Office and to NEVER HEAR or SEE Rudi Giuliani ANYWHERE! He has become POISON. He is TOXIC to whoever he is around, and dangerous now to our country. I don’t know what is going on with him mentally or physically, or both, but something is for sure.

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