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Years ago, I was gifted a very similar lighter. Same kinda design, you could strike it on anything. It was from a fan from Germany. It was known I loved Clove Cigarettes (I liked to light them, not inhale, and lick my lips), I loved to have incense burning, and I love to BBQ grill cook and open flame cook. Still do all of these things, except one. Now, very rarely, do I have a cigar, or Clove Cigarette. Now, I just do Spice Teas, Chai Teas, or Golden Teas.

All that being said, I am buying the 2 set it think. Either the 2 or 3 set. For all of my reasons listed above, but also to add to my emergency kit. Gotta always be planning and prepared.

At the end of this blog is the link to purchase this lighter, and video. To be it is a sound purchase at a really good price.

Always wanting to share my cool finds with you guys and dolls.

CLICK LINK BELOW to see VIDEO and to place an ORDER.