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Check out www.Amazon.com for protective gear, as well as hardware stores, medical stores, hell even shoe stores. I bought 3 masks in my local shoe store. They are being sold almost every where.

Chicago is one of my favorite towns in the U.S. My husband and I lived there years ago, in 2006. We lived down by Navy Pier, on East Illinois and Lincoln, literally just up from Navy Pier. Back then it seemed like a clean New York, surrounded by culture, arts, education, and more. Big bold personality.

I think we would have stayed there if my husband had liked the weather better. Me, I LOVED IT! However, so much has changed. Especially, now with COVID-19, Coronavirus. Now, we are in a virtual and delivery world.

I FORESEE in the future, a world for ALL OF US, that is some sort of COMBINATION of a virtual, delivery, work from home or smaller groups, combined with an active interactive world. Simply put, I think we are entering a new phase of living. More viruses, more pandemics, more natural disasters, more unplanned surprises, probably many unwanted. In doing so, if we want at least a fighting chance to have a balanced living environment, we need to take all the necessary precautions, to just àvoid catastrophic consequences.

Once we avoid, or avert these situations, we CAN NOT let our guards down. Simply realize we are evolving into different times. So, it is not just about washing hands, IT IS ABOUT implementing HAND SANITIZER, SOCIAL DISTANCING when possible or should, TAKING CARE of EACH OTHER and OURSELVES, PHYSICALLY, and MENTALLY. ACCEPTING and PARTICIPATING in the FACT that most likely, MASKS, are and will be a way of living our daily lives. Thus, I plan on turning these things into positives. My MASKS and GLOVES will become part of my outdoor wardrobe.

Open SmartNews and read Chicago COVID-19: Stay-at-Home Advisory issued by Mayor Lori Lightfoot with new restrictions on gatherings, meetings | WATCH LIVE here:


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