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You might be wondering why I would create this post. Like I say and firmly believe, KNOWLEDGE IS LIFE. I tend to believe you must be diversified in your knowledge in order to truly understand or learn.

It is impossible to know everything. It is definitely not possible to even be knowledgeable in most things, or some things. Most likely, not even possible to be knowledgeably fluent in anything. We simply may, and must try. In doing so, we experience life, living, and are alive. This brings me back to this particular post.

I am a huge admirer of certain people. I don’t consider myself a fan, for I believe any one can accomplish and succeed. However, some do it differently, faster, had some help, or not, or simply worked the program better, or best yet, made the program themselves.

I tend to be fascinated with self made people. How their minds operate, how they think, what motivates them, how and why they operate. How they live their lives.

I am fascinated by all different types of people, places, and things. Warren Buffett is one of those people. Sir Richard Branson is one as well. There are so many.

It should be noted when I say I’m fascinated by most people, places and things, not necessarily all good, beautiful or devine. For me, I have to look at all, or most perspectives to give me balance. They say you have to have seen Darkness to know Light, Sadness, to know Joy, and so forth. I try and make sure I learn about all the negative things vicariously through study, as much as I possibly can. When dark, I try to avoid, unless need be. I do not turn a blind though. I just àvoid participating in it.

Fortunately for me and you, Warren Buffett falls into the positive category. He is all about hard work, investing in yourself and others, and growth. Also, he is into making sure money makes money. He also is not into cheating the system. He is a hard worker, and believes in taking responsibility.

When I was very little, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, a philanthropist, a builder and giver of sorts, on a large scale. I always tended to beat to my own drum, as my grandmother would say. As a type A, alpha female, of the only non living zodiac sign (Libra), I tend to be drawn to other alphas. However, I only admire those with good intent, and those who tend to want to better life.

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