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Yes, this is a real fruit. Let me know if you’ve tried it. I absolutely LOVE FRESH PINEAPPLE. So, TOTALLY CURIOUS?!?!!!

They are called Pinkglow Pineapples, from Del Monte. From Costa Rica. Insanely expensive at just under $50 each. The reason for cost is extremely small batches grown, over 24 months to harvest. Very specific growing regions. Available ONLINE ONLY.

Still, for all this effort and expense, Del Monte also promises customers will be rewarded with a very tasty pineapple. This so-called “Jewel of the Jungle” is billed as “both juicier and sweeter than a traditional pineapple” featuring “a delicious and completely unique taste” that “boasts notes of candy aromatics.” Oh, and every box comes with a certificate of authenticity—because, really, a pink pineapple is practically a work of art.