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Remember when it was under 100, then under 1000? Under 1mil.? Today we are at 12mil. Damn. Damn. Damn.

So, it’s 4:05pm in Seattle, Washington. These are the latest numbers. Roughly 20 minutes ago.

It is now 5:06 pm in Seattle Washington. These are the new numbers. Roughly 60 minutes later.

The numbers don’t even tell the whole story. There are people who are going to die because of other things, because they can’t get screenings, preventive care, or treatments, for cancer, various infections, and more. That is where we are now.

Yet, people are still going mask-less. Still gathering in crowds. Still not social distancing. Still not self quarantining, even when exposed. Still not gathering in immediate family only, or small groups. Complaining endlessly, for some people, complaining so badly, it is verbal abuse, simply because a person asked them to where a mask for their protection, and others. Turning health and safety, into a political issue, or Constitutional Issue, about their rights being violated, because others are trying to save and protect their lives, and their loved ones, themselves, and their own family.

Thanksgiving is next week. The beginning of the Holiday Season around the World. Yet, many will be sick, fighting for their life, about to lose there home, or homeless, about to lose their job, or jobless, dying, or dead. There will be no Stimulus Pandemic Relief Check received, or even in the mail yet. There will be many homes without enough food, or any, with not enough medication or any, or no heat, or electricity, and for quite a few, there will be physical and mental abuse within the home, either inflicted by someone else, or themselves, or received by them, or someone else there. There will be Depression, Anxiety, Fear, and amongst many ailments, mental and medical issues. Many turning to self medicating. Some only temporarily, and some won’t stop until the grave, seeing no end in sight, having feeling defeated, and, or beyond exhausted. Many more yet, still to become sick, grave, or worse. All to a virus and how it was handled, and being handled.

All because of how COVID-19, Coronavirus was and is being handled…

An inept and incompetent, selfish, self indignant, President filled with Ego, God Complex, Greed, and Contempt for his fellow man. Going as far as to skip today’s Global G20 Meeting about the Pandemic, and how to battle it, to find out what others are doing, to instead tweet incessantly about himself, and the Election.

Citizens and the World be damned.

A Senate, so busy kissing the President’s ass, they forgot, forget, and play politics over life and living, and who they are suppose to serve, lead, and protect. The people.

A Congress, who has to fight tooth and nail to get anything accomplished with Mitch McConnell (who is Power Obsessed), Lindsey Graham (wants to turn back time, and a complete opportunist), the Ted Cruz types (Status and Power Seekers), and Marc Rubio types (those who think they are higher than thou, Status and Power Seekers, at least he kinda has a soul still).

This is where we are. If you do nothing else, please wear a mask. Social distance. Be self aware. Protect yourself and others, as you want them to protect you, and yours. We can get through this pandemic, and the future ones to come. Help is on its way. We are stronger than you can imagine, as a whole.

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