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The whole thing measures 160 feet high, with a wingspan of 75 feet; its 32 metal arms come in lengths from 15 feet to 35 feet.

Starting Friday, Nov. 20, people can reserve a time slot on the star and choose from patterns and colors to create their own, 15-second custom display on the star for $15; more money buys increments of one minute, 15 minutes and 30 minutes.
Buyers can preview their light shows before purchase, and be emailed a link to a status page where they can follow a countdown to when their show will go live. It can all be viewed online, or in person, by anyone.
After the show airs, the buyer will receive a video of their show, as it played on the star, via email, which they can then share. (High-demand time slots, such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve and Christmas, will initially be closed for booking.)

What a thoughtful idea. Something of giving and sharing. Especially, in these very trying times. Visit Macy’s Website for details.

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