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A very interesting read. Who knew? It is always dumbfounding how deep racism actively exist in our modern society. Who knew it had a Trump connection to boot?

It is beyond shameful that this man was celebrated and is celebrated at MoMA, Museum of Modern Arts, and Harvard currently. It is unknown if they will make changes to their policies. But, just to know that Johnson was the active Curator from 1933-1988 for MoMa, and how he wielded his power and agenda is dumbfounding.

Then the kicker is he retired from MoMA, to go and work closely with Donald Trump. How disgusting is that!

I swear I will never understand racism and its’ place. When I look around I see people. Individuals, and individually. I judge people or form opinions of people, on a person by person basis. It is only when a collective group that have band together share the exact value system do I judge them collectively. But, that judgement is based on actions that they make.

A perfect example is Nazis vs Germans. I know most Germans are not Nazis or in hate groups, as is any other country. Therefore, I do not judge Germans. I think they are wonderful. I do judge Nazis though. You sure in hell can be a Nazi and NOT German.

I don’t judge all people the same, that is foolish. I sure in hell don’t judge by race, skin color, nationality, religion, or sex. Hell, I even judge less now by age, since people are evolving faster mentally, and living longer and stronger physically.

It is time for people to start realizing that it is our mindset that defines us. Our souls. That is how you evaluate or judge people, especially yourself. We should strive to bring the best out of each other, and ourselves.

The link below takes you to the original news article regarding Philip Johnson, his ‘Glass House’, and yes even Trump.

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