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Meow + Pandemic + Bored Furry Baby Owners = Moving On Up 🎼 🎶 🎵 🎶 (I know you just sung that in your head 😂😂😂)

Too freaking cute!! I would so do this if Henry was still with us.

As you can tell, Henry never wanted for anything. He was mine, and then ours, for 18+ years. At his peak he was 30lbs. I miss his furry butt every day. My ultimate KILLER!

He would “catch” a “present” for me, and a “present” for him. Aka bird, frog, lizard, flying tree roaches and etc. Plus, he was awesome in his delivery. He would place “my present” on my side of the bed, and then sit next to his. The scary part was he was an indoor furry baby.