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Wow, this is something I wouldn’t have thought of. However, it appears very possible and plausible. Who knew? This is definitely a long game of chess when it comes to side effects of COVID-19.

I’m certain they will do extensive studies and tests to see how big of a side effect this is. As in, what is the likelihood this will happen, and who is more susceptible to this. This also may dramatically expedite a prevention and cure. Just saying, it is amazing how fast ED drugs come out, and how available they are.

Now you’re talking about SEX. I bet a lot more people pay attention now. Masks, Social Distancing and taking Precautions become more important all of the sudden. Especially if this is a becoming a common side effect. I wonder how long this side effect lasts? Is it permanent? I wonder, if it creates ED (Erectile Dysfunction), on the flip side of that coin, can it induce sterility, or miscarriages, in females. These now new questions and discoveries, put this Pandemic in a league all of its own. It truly would be a ‘Population Control’ health crisis.

I mean think about it. The world has been crippled by a non living virus guest that only lives and thrives, when in a living human host and is activated, and can stay dormant on a non living host or surface, for days in some instances, but still viable to be active, once hosted to a body. How fucked up is that? This used to be something sci-fi movies, or history movies were made of. Now, this is L-I-F-E!

We will be dealing with the repercussions of this Pandemic for years to come. This one may most definitely be resolved sooner, than later.

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