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Words can not describe how tragic this is. It infuriates me on how our Government, meaning this present Administration under Donald Trump, has responded from the very beginning, and even thru today, to this Pandemic and its impact. Amongst the many things this Adminstration has failed at, or abused, this by far is the worse.

The Pandemic known as COVID-19, Coronavirus, should have been, as far back as January through now, our #1 priority. It is affecting the ENTIRE planet. Every single aspect of our lives and living. The way we function in society, how we operate in work and school, the way we function within our homes, and our own actions, in mind, body, and soul, even our belief system and beliefs themselves, have forever been changed by this Pandemic.

Yet, we could have been better prepared. If this Administration had cared about its inhabitants, its people. This current Administration instead was creating people, who, for no other reason then their other misguided beliefs, very erroneously believed, or still believe, this is a hoax, a political roux, or the numbers are exaggerated, simply because this Administration, purposefully stated that, implied that, or referred to that as fact. Thus, they ignored science, they ignored numbers coming out from around the world. They fought with their friends, family, peers, employers and more. They refused to take precautions. They refused to wear a mask. They refused social distancing. They refused to not gather in groups. They refused very simple life saving tasks, and small sacrificing, because of their own stupidity, and or ignorance, and even worse arrogance.

Now, we are on a runaway train, hoping to slow it down, ending it to a stop, praying it doesn’t derail. We are already in the catastrophy, the question is how big will it get from here? That is fact.

I hope those who read this, who still question the magnitude of where we are at, and can’t fathom it getting worse, think about this post, and come to some sort of ‘Aha moment’, or a, ‘Oh I get it now’, an epiphany, some sort of realization this IS our NEW REALITY.


For some, they may not make it to Hanukkah, their birthday, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or New Year’s Day 2021. For even more, unfortunately many, this may be their last. It is in this time we must band together, pull together as humans first, set aside our differences, each do our part individually, and we must support all those who are fighting on the front lines, or helping to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

There are so many layers to this pandemic. Think about people that would be getting testing for cancer, or other life saving tests or treatments, that either can’t right now, due to lack of hospital beds, or facilities or staff, or won’t, for fear of catching the virus while getting testing, or treatment.

Think about people that have lost income, lost their jobs, lost their homes. Worried and scared about bills to be paid, a meal to eat, shelter, or much needed medicine.

Think about all the people who are mentally breaking down, due to having to make a judgement call on saving their life or someone else’s with temporary social physical isolation.

Think about the children who are not at play, or learning together.

Or worse, think about those empty seats at a dinner table, or chair, lives ill or the worst gone.

Think about all the businesses lost, or shuttered, some temporarily, many indefinitely.

Think about all of the special moments that should be cherished, but don’t exist now, possibly never again, lost.

All due to a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. For this isn’t an individual thing. This is happening everywhere. Each person and place fighting the same foe, the Pandemic.

So simple. Wear Masks. Social Distancing. No group gathering, even of family, unless all live/cohabitate together. Monitor each other’s outside exposure. Wash hands. Wipe down surfaces. When vaccine is available for you do it. Stay current on updates and statuses of COVID-19 and how it is affecting you locally, in your state, city, and neighborhood. If exposed, self quarantine until given the clear.

The very life you may save, may be your own or someone you love.

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