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From turmeric milk, ashwagandha, cinnamon, banana to cherry milk and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them. C: Bestie

Milk Drinks That Will Help You Sleep Faster & Better

(I want to thank fellow blogger, Kasper on Vistiix for posting this video)

I personally have been doing a Banana Milk and Tumeric Milk for the past 6 months. As well as I take Ashwagandha (which I purchase off of Amazon.com). I also make my own Chai blend and blend it into my Tumeric Milk.

As a lifelong insomniac, I have found this very helpful in relaxing my brain and moods. I however, do drink them throughout the day.

To emphasize a peaceful mind I drink the various drinks and listen to my Calm app Meditation Music for sleep or my Samsung Health app, which uses an expanded version of Calm app, for Sleep or Relaxation.

I was raised homeopathically and Western Medicine. I had left a lot of my homeopathic remedies in my 40s, and was probably the most stressed ever. Since really going back to my roots, especially this past year, about the begining of last year, it has made a world of difference, physically, mentally, and spiritually I think. I highly recommend this to anyone.

I recommend that you do your research and start off slowly if you are unfamiliar. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

I’m about to place my Amazon order today to restock. I need Cardamon, I like having a Marsala Chai, so I by that too, I need some more Ginger, Tumeric, and Ceylon Cinnamon. Plus, I think I want to buy a different Chili Powder and Black Pepper.

You will find and learn that what make the things like Tumeric and other spices, herbs and vitamins deliver best into your system is pepper.

Below are some pictures of the the products I purchase, as well as my ‘Chai Golden Milk’ with added Ginger.

Like I said, for me it really is a lifestyle. It really does work. I used to only sleep 1-3 non consecutive hours a night. It’s one of the things I used to my advantage in life. But, as I’ve gotten older, I now focus on my passions. So, 3-5 is awesome. But, not just 3-5 hours of sleep, but, mostly peaceful sleep. That in itself is a miracle. My skin looks great, my hair and nails too. My joints are great. It really works.

Feel free to contact me to ask questions, or comment with suggestions, or input.


– Leila