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So, it seems we have D.T. Junior (big game and big cat hunter) and his now Gal Pal Girlfriend (former TV personality, accused of sexual harassment of a female employee, and his former mistress), on the ‘White Line Train’. In some very bizarre way, this kinda makes sense. I mean the guy was has always been off center. With his recent beyond delusional rants, more amped than usual, (apple doesn’t fall far from that tree), incoherent speech and dialogue, and sweaty and hyper expressions, this makes a lot more sense. Then you have whatever the f’k his girlfriend was screaming into the mic at a nonexistent audience, at the Republican National Convention for Presidential Nominee, amped out of her body. Their eye bulged, their expressions overly exaggerated, oh and pretty sweaty. It really makes sense.

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Obviously, something is going on with this whole family. It’s like dad has his own issues. As in, he needs meds, or psychiatric help, something. Junior, and gal pal, we hope won’t need rehab. I gave up on Eric long ago. He is just sheep at this point. And well, Ivanka is just hoping she doesn’t need a ‘Presidential Pardon’ for herself and her husband. Melania is busy working on her and their joint son’s exit strategy from the White House and her exit from D. Trump. You just know she has January 20th circled on her calendar. She definitely seems like she’s working on her plan.

Apparently, that might be their new couple’s activity they do. “The couple that parties (Song ‘White Lines’ by Duran Duran seems appropriate here, click link to listen – https://youtu.be/zsdnfWcapUc ) together, stays together.”

Just saying. An obvious observation to be noted.

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