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There is a very interesting phenomenon happening in most people’s life.

As many people have experienced with this Pandemic, their companies, schools, and organizations, have had to temporarily, or for some, indefinitely, close. This has affected every single aspect of their lives. With these new adjustments in lifestyle and living, comes a huge learning curve on time management.

So many factors moving, and changing in everyone’s life, has created a new type of chaos, and a greater confusion, for how to fit everything in. We would normally complain we don’t have enough time in the day, with going to work, school, and engagements, all allocated a specific time, and a specific allotment of time, for each event, each day. Somehow, we mostly manage to get everything done, normally.

Now, with the change of locations, time, activities, and resources for doing either the exact same actions, or new actions, we find we have no time to get mostly everything done, which we would normally do. Most likely, not even getting most of the most things done, without feeling frantic and anxiety. Definitely not having new found ‘You Time’, let alone, have quality ‘Me Time’.

Below is a link addressing the Elephant in your head. ‘Me Time‘ or ‘You Time‘.

Click the link below from Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine.