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Are you having problems while peeing? Are you having difficulty swallowing? What about a bad fever? This video is talking about all that and more. C: Bestie

Click link below to watch an informative video. Make sure to be taking care of yourself, including preventive care and treatment, even during this Pandemic.

•••••>>> 9 Male Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

I have family that have passed away from Cancer. It is so important that men get checked out too. Most men think about only Prostate, Lung, or Skin Cancer. But, men are just as susceptible to Cancer anywhere on there body, at any age, just like women.

Cancer does not discriminate on sex, age, nationality, race, or religion. Hell, even a healthy nut, or a super healthy person can have cancer. Yes, some things can create cancer, like the sun, or exposure to certain things, but even then, it does not discriminate.

I know during the Pandemic, many have put off screening exams. If you suspect something is wrong, or it runs in your family, or a man or woman over 50, or did not have an HPV vaccination, please go and get your exam, even now. The sooner it is detected the higher percentage at a successful treatment.

Thank you for sharing this video on your blog. This is such an important topic. Kasper @Vistiix