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So now isn’t this some shizz. First MAGA HATED ANY and ALL THINGS PRESIDENT OBAMA, and ANYTHING DEMOCRATIC. Plus, they had almost zero love for anything not Fox News loved, or White, essentially. They were, and are, filled with hate, endless conspiracy theories, and baseless lies they tout as their facts. It was, and is a group of people who idolize Trump, as if he’s some sort of Messiah, who believe his way is gospel. The White way, if you ask most of them. Even as somewhere, very deep in their core, they know he is a man filled with hate, spite, vengeance, greed, treachery, and contempt.

They, and their ilk, were certain they could lie, steal, intimidate, or cheat, an Election win for the Election loser, outgoing President Trump. Much to their angst, and chagrin, the People, in majority, with common sense and decency, voted for President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. Try as they may, with their relentless leader, Democracy prevailed, and they loss. It prevailed in the Popular vote, by 7+ million more people, and in the Electoral College, 306 votes for Biden, 232 votes for Trump.

So, all the votes have been counted. Now they are mad as hell. This time, there is a new MAGA enemy #1. The GOP, aka the ‘Grand Old Party’, aka The Republican Party.

On a side note: doesn’t the title ‘Grand Old Party’, abbreviated to ‘GOP’, sound horrific. I mean it sounds racist and misogynistic in itself, just as a name. As like a reference to days of old, days of yore, slavery times. Times before women had rights, and everyone outside of their approved circle, was beneath them, and inferior. Just a noted observation.

All that being said. I want to make it VERY CLEAR, NOT ALL REPUBLICANS are MAGA People. Most in fact, might not be. But, there sure are a lot of MAGA People around. Way more existing in modern times, than we as a nation ever realized. A very disturbing thought.

So now, they are on the war path against their own party. At least we all thought the GOP was their party. Even going as far as to tell their MAGA loyalist people, “do not vote in the Run-off Elections”, especially Georgia. Which quite frankly speaking is fine by me. I mean the Country needs Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to win. Just so we can start getting things done, and working. It definitely doesn’t need crazy, dangerous woman, Kelly Loeffler, to be in Senate. Her values and actions are beyond warped, destructive, dangerous, and hateful. David Purdue is no better. They don’t give a damn about “The People” of Georgia, or how their actions affect “The People” of The United States. They only care about their personal gains in monies, and power. Very sad, pathetic, greedy, loathsome, hateful, and a down right abuse of power.

Talk about divisiveness within the GOP and MAGA. Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard there is infighting within one of the primary groups that are MAGA supporters, The Proud Boys. The Proud Boys are fighting about who is their leader. A big faction of them want to be the new modern KKK essentially. Just without hanging and crosses, I think, not certain on that one. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Meanwhile, try and stay safe, and healthy. There is light ahead. We just have to keep focused, and working towards it. Hold your head high, and stay strong, the calvary is on its way. All the haters will eventually either destroy themselves, or will evolve.

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