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I have been eating Everything Bagels for as long as I can remember. Where grew up Western Bagels was and is King. Always fresh, lines out the door. That and some Lox Shmear or a Lox Plate, and I’m in heaven.

This is such an easy recipe. Especially because you can buy the puff pastry already made. The same with the Everything Bagel Seasoning is now available at your local grocers, and Costco. You also can find your favorite cream cheese spread already made too.

You can also vary this recipe. You can do a Raspberry Preserves or Strawberry Preserves and Cream Cheese filling. You even can do a Spinach or Arugula or even a Walnut or Olive mix filling. Even Nutella, or Chocolate would work great. Let your imagination run wild.

Good any time of day. Enjoy.