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Who knew? I just assumed when you adopted a foreign child they were citizens, as their adopted parents. It never occurred to me they had to apply for U.S. Citizenship status.

It is absolutely tragic that a child, by no fault of their own, blessed with adoptive family, could be put in this quandary. They have lived most, or all of their lives, in the U.S., believing the U.S. as their country. Only to find out later, they are in fact, not legal citizens. Therefore, they do not qualify any rights of a U.S. Citizen.
They estimate 15-18 thousand adults do not have U.S. Citizenship.  I would imagine the actual numbers are a lot higher. No one knows for certain.

However, with new laws going into full effect next year, October 2021 to be exact, if you don’t have a Real I.D. or Passport, you will not be able to fly commercially, within the United States, or in, or out of the United States. Either of these documents are proof of permission to be in this country.

Open SmartNews and read “Thousands of adoptees who came into the U.S. legally as children found out they aren’t citizens. They face uncertainty and, at worst, deportation.” here:


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