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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE F’K IS MENTALLY WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously have zero empathy for any of these folks when I read this. I think if they get sick, they should be denied a hospital bed. Sorry. They are purposefully endangering their life and everyone around them, and the people that those people come in contact with. If someone dies because of them, they should be charged for f’kn murder, or manslaughter. Unf’kn believable!!! They definitely should be arrested and fined $1000 like a lot of countries and now I think some cities are now doing too, for endangerment and recklessness. Man this pisses me off! Then people complain about being QUARANTINED??? This is EXACTLY why. Absolute FOOLS. Ignorant FOOLS!!!!!

Hospitals are at full capacity. Yet every day people unfortunately still have heart attacks, strokes and accidents of every kind that require a visit to the hospital and sometimes hospitalization. Then factor in all the Covid patients that need to be taken care of in a hospital. And because of selfish people like this they are going to continue to be full capacity and when someone really needs care the quality will not be there. For some, they may simply be turned away, or shuffled around. This doesn’t even take into account preventive testing people are putting off for fear of getting sick. Or worse, treatment people are delaying, that could save their life. Instead of helping, they are making things so much worse. They are literally playing Russian Roulette with lives.

Plus, they are claiming Gods work in their actions?!?!?!?!!! That’s down right blasphemy. We all know that is in the Bible!!! The Bible, Torah, and Quran.

Unreal!!!! What kinda egotistical, narcissistic, indignant, asshole do you have to be to purposefully do this? He is no better than Jim Jones, as far as I’m concerned.