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Have you guys seen this? (Video link at end of this article) This is next level stupid & crazy. She is the EXACT REASON why the shit is going to last for way longer than it should!!! More people are going to get sick. More people are going to get sick severely. Many many more people are going to die!

All because of stupid, dumb, selfish misinformed, misguided, ASSHOLES like her!!! The EXACT REASON!!! She doesn’t give a fuck about anyone other than herself! Watch and see, this nut job is going to get sick, and blame everyone else!

Even Worse, she is going to infect someone else, they get sick, we hope they pull through, and pray they don’t DIE!!! Folks, that’s called Some type of MURDER or MANSLAUGHTER!!! That is fucking CRIMINAL! Because she doesn’t care.

Below is a full description of Murder, the different types of murder, and Manslaughter.

So, yes folks, what she, and people like Kirk Cameron, and other ‘Karens’ and the ‘male Karens’ are doing, is commiting some form of Attempted Murder, or Murder.

Think about the people that can’t get emergency services, or have to wait for a hospital bed, and treatment, by an overworked, exhausted hospital employee, because of this selfish AF action.

Makes me absolutely infuriated!!!

People putting off doctor appointments, or treatments, or surgeries, because they can’t get a bed, an appointment, or fear of getting sick.


People losing their jobs, businesses, homes, housing, food, because cities are forced to have mandates and curfews. Kids can’t go to school. People can’t see their loved ones in hospitals. People can’t gather. Why???


WEAR A MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE, DO NOT GATHER IN GROUPS unnecessarily, other than people in your home if possible.

Don’t fool yourself. We are most likely a year, or two, out from really getting past the bulk of this. But, we can, we should, and some of us will. That is reality.

There are so many ways to connect to people. Outside social distance gatherings. Computers. Zoom, or FaceTime or other like apps. Phones calls. Letters.

Many are having mental issues with isolation. Anxiety and depression being dominant and rampant. Self abuse with alcohol and or drugs. Spousal, relationship, child, elderly and animal abuse is high. There are numerous help groups and organizations that are free, or offer special pricing.

There are several any time of day zoom groups, and online groups, that you can participate in. There are classes interactive that are interest classes and or educational. You can even start a Blog, Vlog, Podcast. Endless possibilities.

If you need a hug, get tested, have a negative test. Make sure the other people do too. Then make plans.


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