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Fornication Under Consent of the King, that is where the acronym FUCK came from and was later adapted into various forms and definitions as used today. Apparently, you used to have to have consent from the King, in order to fornicate, after you were married. 14th Century and all. How do I know this? New series on Netflix 2021, ‘The History of Swear Words’, Season 1, so far 6, not certain how long each episode. 😂😂😂

Episode 1: Fuck
Episode 2: Shit
Episode 3: Bitch
Episode 4: Dick
Episode 5: Pussy
Episode 6: Damn

Narrated by Nicholas Cage.

Educational and funny as well you know…😂😂😂

Click link below to link about show.


Just in case you need a giggle, or diversification from the news 😂😂😂