When an image says 1000 words. The sentiment of World Leaders when in relation to the United States with Trump as President. Leaders around the World are now ready to unite in support, hope, and accomplishment with President Biden and Vice President Harris at the helm.

I suppose no love lost abroad on Mr. Trump. He divided a country, and separated a world. As far as I’m concerned, he should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity. He is evil and vile to put it mildly. Sad and pathetic to be honest.

Our pre-Trump allies are relieved, and happy for cohesive unity to tackle the worldly problems, COVID-19, Climate Change, World Global Economy Stabilization being immediate focus. Our, we serve a purpose and they could really care less allies, are relived, because we can get things done finally. Our not so friendly nations, are now open to trying something new, to bridge the vast gap. Even countries, who where friendly to Trump, have chimed in with congratulations, and expressed interest to getting things done with the new Administration. Especially now that a madman is no longer Commander In Chief, President Trump. Whom there seems to be a Universal loathing of, by almost all, and vehement loathing of by most.

With an intelligent, skillful, experienced, capable, ready, and able team, now at the helm of the United States, we are hopeful and grateful, to finally be able to get things accomplished as a United Country, and on the World Stage.

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