The Insurrection Was Put Down. The GOP Plan for Minority Rule Marches On. – Mother Jones

I think a question that is asked often, and by many, how did we get here? Here in the current status of our society structure and it’s laws. I have, and do regularly. I know, and have known for a while, we were far from ideal. But, I never believed we were, and are this distorted, and corrupt. Completely not in balance or even close. But, reality is we are. We are distorted, corrupt, and not in balance. That is real. Though not just here in the United States, it is a World wide situation.

Obviously, change can not happen overnight. But, we very seriously need to look at this situation. Not just look at it, but take action. More strong qualified, diversified, inclusive, people need to run for office. Participate in Government. There simply have not been enough good, strong, qualified candidates that have sought office, to correct the archaic, hostile, and corrupt system and people we have. There have not been enough diversified qualified options. Partly because of our own making of archaic perception of how our Government should look and sound. The other part, there has not been a pool of people who want the job, to pull from. There is also a part where there need to be some sort of term limits for some of the positions. Like you can’t be a Congress Person, or Senator, or Judge seemingly forever. A Judge is appointed in a term basis. Especially, as society evolves, so should our law makers, and deciders.

Our Government was built on striving for balance. For hope, for growth, for unity. These numbers show, we couldn’t be further away from those ideals.

I only hope with this new Administration, positive actions can start to get accomplished. I also hope, starting with this new Administration, we will inspire younger people, of all cultures, and races, from a diverse background pool, to persue Government Leadership and Stewardship.

This is a very big reason why I stopped voting by Party years ago. I now only vote by qualifications. What is best for the People as a whole, not just myself, or people I’m close to.

My husband and I were having a great conversation about happiness and wealth recently. We were stating how all the wealth is the world, could not make you happy eternally, nor at peace. Especially, if your environment was destructive, and toxic. When I say environment, I mean, society. How can you possibly be human and humane, and happy, if majority, or worse, most of your peers were miserable, suffering. I know, the world is NEVER going to be a UTOPIA, and endlessly EUPHORIC. For life needs balance, thus in living, you have death. The key is BALANCE.

For HAPPINESS, like LAUGHTER, is meant to be SHARED. In many ways, that is how happiness is given value in itself. I would say after TIME itself, HAPPINESS is the second most important thing in living. This all goes without saying QUALITY OF TIME, and QUANTITY OF HAPPINESS, is the focus.

We as a Society are more educated, and exposed to the happenings of the world than in any time in history. We have endless tools at our disposal, for use to not only communicate, but grow cohesively through our communications. As a very diverse country, and civilization, we must learn to communicate not just amongst ourselves, in our select immediate groups and communities, but with others, outside of our select groups, and communities. Not just communicating, but listening, and most importantly learning from each other. For, we all inhabit this same big rock. We all occupy our countries. We are no longer just a town, or tribe, a group, or a community, by location, and or belief. We are a Global Worldly Society, and need to act like it.

I see where fear, hate, distrust, of the PERCEIVED KNOWN, are in action. I also see where there is even more fear, hate, and distrust, of the UNKNOWN. Whether it is how someone looks, where they are from, their religion, or belief, their sex or sexuality and more.

The whole reason for this, is a lack of communication. Lack of listening. Lack of being open to learning. Instead we very much seem to have this war, this attitude, this belief, in which everyone not like ‘ME‘, ‘US‘, ‘MINE‘, are the Enemy.

This article lays out a VERY REAL and ACTUAL REALITY, CURRENTLY, where WE WERE, and very probably WHERE WE COULD and MAY END UP, if REAL PROGRESS ISN’T MADE.

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– Leila

Click the highlighted link to read this EXTREMELY DISTURBING article of the state of our Government. When put in this context, it really highlights WHERE we are, and HOW we got HERE.