If Parler doesn’t like the RULES and TERMS OF USE, they need to start their own hate driven, murderous, violent, conspiracists, platform. That way we can know where the psychopaths go.

I say, if you want only one skin color, one race, one nationality, one religion, one sexuality, one party. Buy your own country, or move to another planet, either way, I don’t care. Just don’t force your hate and crazy on the rest of us.

I rank this up there with the person that is so angry, they feel like they need to go on a killing spree. The bad saying, ‘go Postal‘. Take out ONLY YOURSELF instead, then you won’t have to deal with ANY PEOPLE.

DO NOT TAKE INNOCENT PEOPLE, and even some not so innocent people, or for that ANY people, because you are angry or hurt, or don’t like something about them. That is NOT how life works. We are NOT BARBARIANS. We are NOT SAVAGE!!!

Open SmartNews and read “Parler dealt major blow in attempt to come back online as judge rules Amazon does not have to restore it” here:


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