In a rapidly increasing social economic situation, Pallet Co has created prefab homes that came be assembled and ready in 30 minutes. As more and more people have become homeless, due to loss of income, COVID-19, and more, this is becoming a much needed relief.

The temporary housing comes in 64’cu.ft. and 100’cu.ft. There is a heater and air conditioner and storage in each unit and can sleep 2 comfortably. There is no bathroom or kitchen, as this is temporary housing, and what cause the cost to dramatically increase due to wiring and plumbing. They are looking to make kitchens and bathrooms as individual units In the future.

The current cost ranges from$4700 -$7000+. They are insulated. They also are designed to withstand weather. However, they also design homes that are built for extreme weather conditions as well.

These prefab homes, like their cousins, the Tiny House, are being set up self contained communities. Meaning, it is becoming the norm to see Tiny Houses in multiples, on a single lot. The same is happening with the the prefab home. Usually in a larger quantity, as they have a much smaller foot print, and are on temporary.

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