I posted a picture on my personal Facebook Page. The picture popped up in my memories, and it was very moving still. Therefore I shared it again. Not because it just happened, or was said last week, no it was said in 2014. Not because it was said by a Republican, for that should not matter. For the statement is much broader in scope. I re-posted it because this behavior, attitude, and thought process, is still very much current and thriving today. Not just in the U.S., but, worldwide.

Below is the picture I posted.

Below is another picture of real time, and Women’s Rights, let alone, People, both of women in general to be exact, any race, and women of Color, other than Causasian, in the United States, as represented in time reference, by our Leaders in the United States

The response I received from a childhood friend’s parent, whom I’ve known seemingly forever, most of my life, was both sad, and disturbing. Sad and disturbing, because I love, and care about someone, within my circle, who could think this is ‘dated’, or they could be so out of touch, as to see this as ‘political’.

Since I didn’t write the description of the man, it automatically negated his political party to me. Besides the fact that I didn’t relate my post to politics. Instead, I related my post to a ‘man’ in position of ‘power and influence’. Passing judgement of a Woman, as it relates to her health, in relations to her medical needs, and age.

And so here is how the conversation went in my feed:

Them: … he hasn’t been in office since 2015. When are you guys going to stop all this hate bait listings from Being Liberal. He wasn’t on any panel that affected medical services, and it must be a slow day at the office when someone has to dredge up a dumb comment from someone over five years ago!

Me: … (person) because this ideology STILL EXISTS and is alive today! Look at the Proud Boys. This is in their wheel house. Because sexism STILL EXISTS! When it stops, and Femicides STOP, then we won’t need to remember! As Puerto Rico has to declare State of Emergency. You should be ashamed to not understand that very basic human concept.

(I then reference a recent blog of mine)


Person: … Good Lord, you live in a very sad, negative world. Ideologues are so narrow minded in their view.

Me: Unfortunately, right now women are being mass murdered worldwide, especially because of the Pandemic, and all the reprecussions of the Pandemic. Like neglect and abuse.

Also, I am far from Liberal. I am human. Your assumptions are damning. Women (who cares what party) are dying due to lack of healthcare in this country, and worldwide. Our voice must be heard. Otherwise you are purely complacent to the abuse and inequity. So no, this isn’t Liberal, and the fact that you think it is, is highly disturbing. This is 2021, not 1970s. The fact that you want to wear your rose colored glasses to ignore the very harsh reality, and do nothing about it, is disgusting.

2015 was just 6 years ago. If we can excuse this behavior in 2015, and even now be complacent, what else are we, meaning people who think like you complacent about? I believe in being well informed. I believe in speaking up for those who can not speak for themselves. Apparently, there are people such as yourself, who would rather forget the current, even when their is history of the actions.

Reality. In fact I am very pragmatic, and try and find the good in most. Some things, you simply can’t.

Oh, to make things more current for you. Did you know they just came out with 2020 sex trafficking numbers in Las Vegas. The largest number recorded. So yes, I remind people that this didn’t just start. I do so, in hopes that one day it will stop. If this makes me Liberal, than I’ll be damn, I’m a Liberal Human Being.

End of Conversation:

As stated in Google:

What is a complacent attitude?

A complacent person is very pleased with themselves or feels that they do not need to do anything about a situation, even though the situation may be uncertain or dangerous. adj. (disapproval) We cannot afford to be complacent about our health., …the Chancellor’s complacent attitude towards the far-right’s activities.

This folks is exactly how we get to this level of danger in today’s times. Complacency. Disregard. Chosen Ignorance. Denial. Abuse of Power, or Influence. This is how, and why, people continue to get hurt, or murdered, or insurrection can happen.

If you choose to keep those rose colored glasses on, meanwhile ignoring reality, you are part of the problem, and a direct assault on progress. Let alone an affront on common decency.