When they say appearances can be deceiving, they were not joking here. Some of these amazing animals though look scary and fierce, are merely gentle giants. Where as some of those cuddly guys, might give you a heart attack or just straight up kill you. Just saying.

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A sleeping Baby Owl.
An alive, very flexible, elderly Armadillo.
A Geiko shedding it’s skin, looking like it’s wearing a hoodie 😂
Baby Chickens getting heat from a warm cup of coffee.
A day in the life of a pregnant Dog.
Black Bear Cubs just enjoying some apples.
A Duck acting, and standing like a Flamingo. When in Rome…
An Elephant scratching its belly on the roof of a car.
Who knew Owls have legs for days?
Did you know Baby Hedgehogs are born pink with spikes?
A Giant Sea Turtle, ashore on land (living).
A Flying Fox. Yeah, all I can think about when I see this innocent magnificent creature, is every Vampire movie EVER! 😂😂😂
All aboard the Momma Swan ride.
A Puffer Fish saying hello.
A Crab Crawl across an Australian road.
A Baby Heron, looking very much like it’s ancient relative, a Dinosaur.
The Giant African Snail. Whoa!
The Sunbeam Snake, aka Xenopeltis unicolor, is a non-venomous snake originating from Southeast Asia.
Giant Japanese Spider Crab.
Who knew Owls can sit.
Pregnant Male Sea Horses.
Fire Ants floating in island community Houston, after a storm.
A Geiko hanging upside to keep his girlfriend warm.
A Flying Fish flew into a man’s boat the night before.
Horseshoe Crabs, randomly in the streets in Hong Kong.
Pink Flamingos are actually born white.
Cabybaras of Australia are actually a LOT LARGER than one would think.
The Sperm Whale does not have upper teeth. Instead it has teeth sockets where the bottom teeth insert to.
This Axolotl Salamander is born smiling.
This guy’s girlfriend was looking out the window, and spotted this Rainbow Pigeon sitting in the window.
We never knew how big Clydesdales horses were until now.
This momma Ferret to be, is like all women at this stage. Round, and ready to go.
Camels reach a height of 6 feet or more, weighing anywhere between 400-600 pounds.
So putting this Blue Whale in perspective in size, the yacht is 75 feet long.
So Fruit Bats are WAY bigger than I thought.
An adult sunfish compared to how they look at birth.
A Bald Eagle is actually quite BIG.
Giant Isopods tend to live deep at the bottom of the ocean.
A swarm of Ladybugs is called a Loveliness.
A Giant Southeast Asian Leather Back Turtle.
The Chinese Catfish can grow up to 10 1/2 feet in length.
5 pound Giant Lobster claw.
Giant Freshwater Stingray which can grow to over 6 feet in length and weigh a whopping 1,300 pounds.
The African Goliath Frog can grow up to 13 inches in length and will eat pretty much anything.
At a whopping 43 inches (3.5 feet) and 245 pounds, George, the Great Dane, was the definition of a gentle giant.
Giant Grasshopper in Costa Rica 16cm long.
Look how little this baby Squirrel is. Awe.
Meet the Titan Beetle.
Then, and now. Meet your snail.
A colorful Caterpillar.
Who knew Canadian Moose were so massive.
This Crocodile is way too.close for comfort.
Meet the Hammerhead Bat. Things bad dreams are made of. However, they only eat fruit.
To give human scale of a baby Giraffe.
This Albino Squirrel comes everyday for corn (and to say hi).
So, the man is 6’2″ tall. Pretty certain this Great Dane would just sit on my head 😂😂😂
An actual full size Snapping Turtle versus what we think a Snapping Turtle size is.
Just a male Lion posing for a selfie.
When you’re feeding your pet Cricket. This Weta Cricket from New Zealand can grow up to 4 inches in length.
Meet Blosom, who holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest cow to ever live. At an incredible 6’2″ feet.

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