Every fast food chain has a secret menu, and hidden tips. However, some of these you have to be in the know to know.

We have to admit that we love fast food every once in a while to satisfy the craving for a burger and fries. However, just when you thought your favorite fast food joint couldn’t get any better, we found the best ways to upgrade your go-to meals. There are plenty of hacks and secret menu items available at all your favorite chains that you might not know about, and they could save you some money. On your next trip to the drive-thru, try these helpful hacks, and thank us later! 

With restaurants just now opening, due to the pandemic, for outdoor eating, fast food places have become for many a way of getting out. For some, a saving grace because they don’t cook. Either way, here are some valuable, practical, resourceful, and, some yummy tips too.

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1. Get The Freshest Patty At Burger King By Asking For This…
2. Buy McDonald’s Nuggets In Quantities Of Four To Save Money
3. Get Free Krispy Kreme Donuts With This Special Trick
4. Save Money On A Starbucks Latte With This Secret
5. Maximize Your Chipotle Order When You Get A Bowl Instead Of A Burrito
6. The Right Way To Order Taco Bell Nachos
7. You Get The Freshest Meal When You Go At Peak Hours
8. Substitute Fudge For Chocolate Syrup In A McDonald’s Frappe
9. Substitute Anything You Want In Your Jamba Juice
10. Add Rice To Any Chipotle Meal For Free
11. The Starbucks Sleeve Is A Handy Place To Hold Your Splash Stick
12. At McDonald’s Ask For The Bun Used On Filet-O-Fish
13. Take Advantage Of The Jack-In-The-Box Value Menu And Save Money On This Special Burger
14. When Monopoly Season Comes At McDonald’s Get Free Stickers
15. Use The Lid Of The Fries To Hold Ketchup
16. Order A Double Cheeseburger At McDonald’s And Save Money
17. Starbucks Will Give You More Coffee When You Ask For Light Ice
18. Get More Meat And Less Cheese On A Subway Cheesesteak By Asking For This
19. Ask For “Old Cut Style” At Subway To Keep The Toppings Inside
20. McDonald’s Has A Secret Apple Pie McFlurry
21. Ask For A Round Egg On Your McDonald’s Sandwich
22. Customize Your Order For A Fresh Patty At Burger King
23. Avoid Philly Steak Pizza At Domino’s
24. Get More Meat At Arby’s With This Ordering Trick
25. Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Isn’t Gluten-Free
26. Every Fast-Food Chain Has A Secret Menu
27. Ask For Equal Portions Of Steak And Chicken At Chipotle Without Paying Extra
28. Ask For A Smaller Drink In A Larger Cup To Prevent Spills At Starbucks
29. Ask For Your Food To Be Grilled Twice At Taco Bell For A Crunchier Bite
30. Carry Your Subway Sandwich Like This To Prevent Soggy Buns
31. If You Ask For Fries Without Salt, They Have To Make A Fresh Batch
32. Order A Large Domino’s Pizza With Toppings Instead Of The Hawaiian Pizza
33. Ask For A Cup Of Ice Water At Starbucks Instead Of Paying For A Bottle
34. Avoid The Steak N Shake Chili
35. Wendy’s Chili Is Cooked With Special Meat
36. Skip Panera Soup, Get A Sandwich
37. Little Caesars’ Bread Sticks Are A Hard Pass
38. Stick With Baked Goods At Tim Hortons
39. Fresh Deli Meats Are The Way To Go At Jersey Mike’s
40. The Orange Chicken At Panda Express Has A Hidden Secret

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