Made homemade Pollo Ranchero Tacos for tonight and tomorrow. I swear, 2 chicken breast is 2-3 meals for 2 people, plus doggie treat. Great delicious value. Hubby loved it. I season and sear my boneless, skinless, chicken breast first. Then add custom salsa and more seasoning, and slow, low bake, my covered chicken, for almost 2 hours. Only used one stovetop to oven skillet w/ glass lid. Easy cleanup.

I serve easy too. I have tons of dishes. But, fortunately hubby is great with paper plates in chargers. Yeah baby!

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Side bar from a response to a question from the New York Times Cooking Club regarding my post.

I have a skillet that is oven ready. So I sear my chicken to brown it a little and sear in juices. Then I loosen any attached to skillet stuff, add more seasoning both sides. Then pour my homemade salsa. Cover with the glass lid. Bake on 300° for 1.5 hrs approx. Take out. Let cool a bit. Shred chicken in skillet with mixture, warm if need be, serve. Would also be great served on top of a Pillsbury Grand Buttermilk style biscuit, top with salsa mixture and cheese. Might do that tomorrow with leftovers. If I do will post pics. FYI they were 2 large chicken breast. Cost about $6. Makes about 12 tacos total. Really tender and juicy.

I have fabulous chicken seasonings. Plus I make a Beer Can/Rotisserie Seasoning. Basically, garlic powder, celery salt, coarse sea salt, onion powder, chili powder, paprika, rosemary, and sage, chili flakes, cummin.

Salsa: Roma tomatoes (my fave for everyday eating and cooking), lemon juice, olive oil, bell peppers, onions, cilantro, garlic (fresh), sea salt, cook, set aside. Note I make several different types of salsas. But for this one I did this.

Rinse and pat dry chicken. Pit a little olive oil in hot skillet. Dry rub chicken. Sear light to light golden. Re-season chicken. Scrape up any bits. Loosen any chicken from skillet. Pour salsa mixture over chicken til it covers the bottom of the sides. So I used an 8×8 square skillet and about 20-24oz of salsa give or take. I always eyeball my cooking so I just know. I’ll try and start measuring out the exacts for people more. Bake. (Those details are in top orig. Post.)

Wipe pan clean after chicken is done. I do lightly oil my skillet again, and griddle some flour tortillas, last night I cheated, used store bought that I still Griddled. I like making my own too. They just taste way better when you griddle them either way. Slapped some crema in the tortilla, added chicken mixture, thin sliced white onion, extra sharp cheddar cheese. Viola.

You can use ANY salsa you like to do this faster.