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The host used his show to support former President Donald Trump’s election conspiracies, prompting a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit.

Thank God!!! But you see how there is no loyalty amongst them. Why? Because they have no honor. For Fox, it is about saving Sponsors, and World appearances. The almighty dollar and appearances is why Dobbs was fired. Spreading lies. Inciting hate and crime has been their history. They were practically built on it. People died listening to their b.s. GOOD RIDDENCE!!!

The ENTIRE Fox News Channel is dedicated to spreading ONLY PROPAGANDA or news to fit ONLY THEIR AGENDA. For years they have led, and lied, to their viewers. Their primary viewership being staunch, supposedly Republican, Christian, Conservatives, predominantly male, Caucasian, in reality. However, they put on the charletain face of “We are the Fair and Balanced Network”. Complete bullshit.

Continuously misleading, many times, blatantly lying, to it’s viewers. Often guided and manipulated, by behind the scenes deals, handlings, corruption, personal agendas, and vendettas. Many times just short of FCC violations, and slander. Fighting endless lawsuits. In those areas, the lines were crossed, and they were not held accountable. Continuing to abuse their voice, influence, and medium. Spreading, and often creating lies, as best suited for their agenda, ratings, and who was served best for their interest.

This isn’t about Freedom of Speech, this is about the power they have to incite violence, to incite a possible coup, or worse. People died. People are still dying. They have corrupted a government, a society, and a people. They have created so many false narratives. Repugnant beyond belief.

The problem is if we don’t shut them down, who’s next to try and gain fame, and notoriety, by crime, or civil unrest, or war. These type of corrupt dark media outlets have no place in our society. It simply can not be tolerated. You can hate all you want. That’s all you. But when you start fucking with people’s minds, actions, and lives, that truly is dangerous and deadly. It should not be tolerated,let alone without consequences.

This type of mainstream media abuse of influence, and propaganda must stop, and be prevented from happening again. Democracy is about balance. We as a Country were born out of civil unrest. However, we will not exist if we are divided, especially by lies, money, corruption, and personal agendas.

The Republican Party is NOT TRUMP, nor his hate mongering cult like followers. There are many good and honorable Republicans. There are bad, extremist in both Parties. However, they DO NOT represent EITHER Party as a whole. This is another reason why this must end now. For any hope to control this destructive and damning agenda from repeating itself.

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