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(Make sure to check her out on FB, Pinterest, Twitter, her site, Instagram, and more. Really great info.)

This came across my news feed on Facebook. Make sure to open this. It also has other AWESOME Sweet Potato use recipes, and so much more. Well worth it, and good for you, taste delicious, and save you money too.

I’m definitely going to try many. I have some fresh sweet potatoes in my kitchen now. I’m all over making these recipes, and using her site.

I just realized she probably doesn’t know I just became an instant admirer. Lol. Anyhow…

Will post updates as I try out new stuff. Always looking, learning, and trying new stuff. I’m on a nutrient extra enriched diet these days. I already eat super healthy. But, I’m really subbing in some super foods, and it’s tasting amazing.

I’ll keep you posted. As always, feel free to share information, ask questions, or comment below. I usual respond pretty quickly.

F.Y.I. I signed up for her emails too.

Enjoy. Manga. Don’t forget to click the highlighted link below.