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I’m a firm believer behind every Myth, Legend, Lore, Mystic, Magical, Ethereal, Unexplainable, Ghost, UFOs, Aliens and more. There is definitely some truth. Me personally, believe in Ghosts, Spirits, Aliens, Magic and more. Way more. Seeing how even in my DNA test 23andme.com they found 3% Alien (unidentifiable substance in my composition; basically not known to man), I have to believe it.

It’s not the first time either. I definitely believe in Ghosts, and screw a bunch of ‘White Noise’. ‘White Noise’ is a known Unexplainable Phenomenon. You can Google that. I recommend watching the movie too, with Michael Keaton. I’m not even going to go into they whole Clairvoyant or Psychic Phenomenons.

So … yes, funny as this is, I’ll be keeping this recipe. Just saying. I could have definitely used it in the past. Man, we lived in one house, and the house locked me in the closet! Then 15 minutes later (which is a REALLY long time with Claustrophobia!), and me sobbing, πŸ’₯ boom πŸ’₯ it just opened the door itself. No problems with the handle or anything. The reason why I say this, there is no lock on that closet door or any closet door in the house.