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I swear, I was literally in just talking about this with my husband yesterday morning when I woke up. Wild!

I have ALL OF MY LIFE had this feeling about time. That time itself isn’t from beginning to end, more like layers. Layers that over lap, or run parallel. I’ve just always known.

I believe that it explains a lot of things in my life. Phenomenon as they say. Ghosts, Spirits, Preminition, De Je Vu, Folklore, Aliens, and so much more. Especially, my dreams and how I respond. For one, I sleepwalk, and talk in my sleep. In my dreams, when I do sleep, time has no relevance. More of a communication beacon.

Like that saying, that ‘little voice’ we all have. Many times I have heard people say, ‘if I had only listened to that little voice in my head’. We generally attribute it to a subconscious thought process. I’ve always known it was way more than that. To the point they have medically tested me for years regarding it.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt this way. Many times, most of the time relying on this ‘beacon’ in following my path. Thus, all of my life, I have been called extremely intuitive, or have extreme cognitive ablities, or clairvoyant. It all goes back to gosh, I remember being 2 or 3 and talking to things (people who were not physically there, but, they were there). Or knowing, don’t do this or that, or this was going to happen. Or, some event was going to happen.

I remember being 12-13 years old (I’m 51 now) and dreaming, and writing about today’s modern Internet. It is actually how I came to this blog. It is how I started writing extensively at 12. Just back then, when I was doing whole graphs and charts, I called it ‘Everybody’s Journal’. Who knew that something from my dream, almost 40 years ago would become today’s Internet. But, in my dream, it was there. I just didn’t know what it was called. So many things, and times.

I used to call it a curse. To see. For I catch myself doing it when I’m awake too. Now, I just go with it. I have found whenever I don’t, nothing good comes out of it.

What have your experiences been? Make sure to comment in the section below. Sharing experiences is how we learn, and grow.

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