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I simply have to say this, because I am so sick and tired of people complaining about life going back to normal. Life is NEVER going to be like what it was pre COVID. We are living in a NEW ERA. One of modern pandemics and plagues. We must adjust, and CREATE a NEW NORMAL. Adapt and evolve. As mankind has always had to do, EVOLVE, ADAPT, THRIVE, OR you will PERISH. Plain and simple. That’s not fear. That is SURVIVAL, and in time, thriving. That is EVOLUTION.

Almost every day, or every other day, someone I know has lost someone to COVID. For all of you naysayers, I hope you never have to say you lost someone to COVID. This is NOT A HOAX. It is already documented it is not like other viruses that we have encountered. The mutations of the virus, are not like we have encountered. So, if you don’t want to be informed, or protect yourself or others, that’s on YOU. But, for the rest of us, those who aren’t some perpetual conspiracist, or naysayer, and believe that even if you don’t believe science, you have to believe death. Leave us be. We want to know, be in the know, stay safe, and help others be safe.

We may all share this rock we call home, but it doesn’t mean we have to live, or die on it the same way. I for one, will choose not to die by stupidity, or ignorance. For ignorance is not always bliss. Most times it is not. In this case, it can be a one way ticket to the morgue. You choose. For, I am not a sheep. I am a person, who is an independent thinker, who sees this is killing people EVERYWHERE. There is not a corner of the Earth the virus has spared. Even Antartica. It’s like a contagious Cancer (metaphorically). You may, or may not, die from it. You may, or may not, get it, or have it. But, all be damn, you should acknowledge it, be fearful, be educated about it, and cautious of it. Taking as many precautions as possible for you. For unlike Cancer, you can catch this. Just like you catch a cold, but, much worse. For this doesn’t even have to be human to human by touch. It can live on surfaces, and even in the air, for durations of time. Spread in aerosol spray, for more than 12 feet. Many reports saying over 20 feet.

There comes a point when you must accept we are in a war for our health. Until people are mass vaccinated, a herd community and or a cure, we need to address it as so.

In these cold months for us in the U.S., we need to be very cognizant of close quarters. Wiping everything down that comes in your home. For instance, I get my groceries delivered, I wipe down everything with disinfectant, than put away. We went out for a beautiful drive before Valentine’s Day, stopped and picked up some gifts, cards, and some special foods for the day. Came home, wiped everything down. Hand sanitizer and lotion are my friends.

Trust me, by no means am I a germaphobe (I’ve eaten dirt, and am ok with most 5 second rule food if I’m eating it), but, I’m also not going to do something reckless, ignorant, or stupid, to get myself, or anyone else sick, or worse, the grave. When I answer my door for deliveries, I have my masks. I social distance in public (we haven’t had anyone over yet, COVID happened practically right after we moved here), I would and will social distance at home if need be. I take precautions. I am doing all I can to protect myself, my family, and others.

When, I get my hair colored, it will be me a mask, and every precaution possible. The same I’m sure with my colorist. You can have a life, and be take precautions. Common sense folks. Common sense, and respect for myself, my family, and those around me.

You can order a COVID-19 test kit from Everlywell.com for $109. There is even a discount code FS30 I believe that gives you a 30% discount. (You can Google for discount codes to almost any site, including this one.) Includes shipping I believe. On a side note: They offer several at home health test kits. A really great deal, price wise, convenience, and service.

(Screen shot from their actual website)
(Screen shot from their actual website)

I had to have a COVID Test not to long ago to go, to the doc about getting a procedure for my skin. Cost me $99, so this cost is pretty in line.

Stay safe every one. Sending love, and just want you All to be healthy and happy.

(Please click highlighted link at end of post to read full detailed article and watch video.)