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How is it other First World Countries have the ability to convict a President or Prime Minister, or leaders of their countries (former and, or current), for crimes, because they know right from wrong? Yet, we can not, or will not convict, our (former, and, or current, in any of these categories) a President, Congress Person, Senator, or Governor, Mayor, or such, for when they clearly have abused their power? That really says how corrupt we really are. It speaks volumes of Us.

We would rather, overlook, sweep under the carpet, rename their crimes, ignore their crimes, or blatantly accept their crimes, no matter what, even at the risk of National Security and The People, than follow the Law of The People and The Land. How pathetic. I mean Japan, South Korea, Germany, England, even Israel (as Netanyahu is currently under investigation of corruption), Italy, and more, have no problem with following The Law, of The Land. With the feelings, and actions, of NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW of THE LAND. Even Russia is moving in that direction (Putin is their Trump).

We, because of our blatant disregard for law, ethics, or The People, have a Former madman of a President, not only referring to the FORMER First Lady, as the FUTURE First Lady at CPAC 2021, but, are closing our political opportunities to nominate sane Republicans for office for the future. All because, a SHOULD HAVE BEEN CRIMINALLY INDICTED and PROSECUTED TWICE, FORMER President CONTROLS the future of the REPUBLICAN party.

Even him as far as him saying at CPAC 2021, he will support those in the REPUBLICAN PARTY he deems are right. Basically, have HIS AGENDA ONLY. At this say CPAC 2021, going on with his hate riddled speech when coherent. Not to mention coyly his possible future running for resident again. Because we DID NOT pass the JUDGEMENT to prevent him from doing so.

I am not a Liberal, I am MODERATE, with zero party affiliation. As I vote for person, individual, or law individually. I do not, and will not vote down Party Political Lines. I simply won’t support lunacy, and hatred, or injustice, or imposed venomous cruelty. By supporting any of that venom, it is insanity at its most irreprehenssible level. I think that is called being a RESPONSIBLE HUMAN BEING!

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