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My favorite is this Avocado Carbonara. I do use more garlic, and I add Red chili flakes and Cilantro.

I’ve made all the others. But, I don’t make them Avocado Tacos, I do Avacado & Black Bean Tostadas instead. This recipe also works in Avocado Burritos.

As for the Avocado Egg Rolls. You can make this Southwestern Style, add Corn, Black Beans, chopped Jalapeños and chopped Peppers, and shred Cheddar Cheese, and or Monterey Jack Cheese.

I want to mention a few things. Though I love buying fresh Avocado. I have found, I can buy fresh frozen Avacado, that thaw extremely fast, are pre peeled, cut into chunks, and always ripe that are just as good, if not better. Usually, $3.99-$5.99 for 12-16oz. In your frozen fruit section. That way I always have them on hand. About 13 pieces of mine is 1 Avocado small/medium. 23-26 pieces is a large Avocado usually. So, 1 bag is about 4 Avocado +/-.

I’m a big fan of frozen Mangos, Pineapple, Berries, Banana, and such as well. Saves money, waste, prep, and always ready when you need it.

Click link at bottom to watch video on these easy recipes.

(You really can substitute almost any fruit for the Mango. You can also add chopped nuts to your salsa, even olives, or capers too. Be creative.)

Click link at bottom to watch video on these easy recipes.