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The HIGHLIGHTED LINK BELOW is the ORIGINAL ARTICLE with VIDEOS. In this CNN article, it not only explains the current economic situation amongst Women vs Men. It then goes into detail amongst race, and economic standing. It also takes into factor the perils amongst women caused directly and indirectly by COVID-19, the Pandemic.

What is astounding is how the Pandemic has seemingly greatly affected women of all races, ages and economic standings. Both at work, home, and in family. Yet still there is distinction in severity, based on sex, race, and Pre-Pandemic economic standing.

It is utterly sad that women are suffering as a whole, during such dire times, when they are expected to be the strongest, even with dispair, and so much uncertainty at her door, or in her home, and around her. It is even made worse, broken down in a pecking order fashion, by race, and economic standing.

All with the irony, of most Women, being the ones to hold together the home. Though this is NOT IN ALL CASES. But definitely in MOST CASES.

Remember TODAY, WOMEN in the U.S.A. only earn 82¢ for EVERY $1 earned by a Man. That leaves tobthe reckoning, Women still have so much further to go.