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How brilliant is this. I’ve been thinking about doing a ‘Podcast’ or ‘Vlog’ to take my blogging to the next level, for me and most importantly you. To be able to use this type of tool could really make that happen for my purpose.

However, for people always on the go, this is also an amazing tool, to up your daily or weekly game.

Way cool.

Turn Your Emails, Articles, And More Into Podcasts With Elocance.

Elocance, which has a 4.1 star rating on the App Store, helps by taking all that text and turning it into a podcast you can listen to, while doing something else. And right now a lifetime subscription is just $34.99, 91% off.

Once you submit the content, Elocance creates a custom audio file using your preferred voice and accent, and puts it on a playlist in the app. Then, just pop in your earbuds, turn up your car audio, or let it roll in your office as you run errands, work out, or multitask. You can share the productivity, as well; you can easily turn your own content into audio files, and share a browser link with anyone who wants to listen. You can even share it on social media, or embed it into buttons on your newsletter, making your content more accessible and broadening your audience.

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