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US stock futures climbed sharply on Thursday in the wake of blowout earnings from Apple and Facebook, and after the Federal Reserve promised to keep up its support for the economy.

Nasdaq 100 futures jumped 1%, boosted by the big-tech earnings. S&P 500 futures rose 0.67% while Dow Jones futures climbed 0.43% as investors also mulled a major speech by President Joe Biden on his taxing and spending plans.

America is an amazing country when in the hands of the right peeps. We have a super long way to go. But, at least the orange fool is gone. Sorry, no Trump love from me. Biden is doing awesome as President. President Obama was awesome. President Trump was the crazy train. World peeps, we apologize for Trump. Big things planned in the future we all feel, under our new Administration, COVID and all.

Watch and see, next up aliens soon, maybe zombies? I’m going with aliens, they may want to visit now. Lmao. Sending {{{Hugs out to the Universe}}}

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