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I would so pass out. Frogs. Anaconda. Giant birds. Giant Spiders. Red Ants. Are all a ‘HARD FU*CKING NO!!!’ in my world.

Thus, why I’ll be taking a pass on Australia, where practically every creature can, and will kill you. Another spot, would be a hard pass on the Amazon. I say power to the people that feel the need to go to these places. Mad respect for people from these places. For they are truly playing survivor on a daily basis.

Me. I’m peace out. I’ve come close to death from creatures to man, too many times, to volunteer, or set myself up for extinction. Just saying.

I mean can you imagine seeing a 2′ feet fat ass frog!!! Hello!!!!

Open SmartNews and read “An Enormous Frog Was Found In The Solomon Islands And It’s Straight Up Bigger Than A Human Baby” here:


To read it on the web, tap here: