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So, there is a new Modern Contemporary home trend happening for your backyard. Black Bottom Pools. Yep, you read that right. To give their pools, and yards, and homes, more edge, people are no longer having white, concrete, blue, or dark blue pools. They are instead opting for Black Hole, Blackest Black, colored pool bottoms. They look is intriguing, mystifying, edgy, and a little scary. Very intense to say the least. Very bold, and daring.

Built with layout platform in pool.
Featured with built in swim up be stools and built in pool bar, and layout platform in pool.
Built with waterfall feature.
Built with accent blue lagoon lights. Creating a bioessence illusion with multiple seating.
Built with Infinity Hot Tub, Layout Platform, Infinity pool, with moat.
Very Geometrical design with matching gate.
Workers creating the Black Bottom Pool.
Workers rinsing the newly built Black Bottom Pool, with Platform.
Very Modern Contemporary Black Bottom Pool, with water feature, with matching elongated rectangular Fire Pit with seating.
Black Bottom Classic ‘Lap Pool’.
Black Bottom Contemporary Infinity Pool.
Black Bottom Posh Contemporary Pool w/ gardens.
Beautiful, High Contrast Black Bottom Contemporary Pool, with Hot Tub. Waiting to be filled.
Infinity Black Bottom Hot Tub and Infinity Pool.
Black Bottom Tiled Pool.
Traditional Black Bottom Pool.
Beautiful Black Bottom Lagoon Style Infinity Pool, and Hot Tub, with Waterfall, Torch, Firepit, and garden features.
Massive Indoor Greece inspired Black Bottom Pool.
Large Black Bottom Infinity Pool, with massive Seat Platform.
Massive Infinity Black Bottom Pool, with Platform Seating.
Designed Black Bottom Pool, with Hot Tub.
Contemporary Black Bottom Lap Pool.

Aren’t these pools spectacular? What are your thoughts on this NEW SMOKING HOT BLACK BOTTOM POOL TREND. I think this style is here to stay.

As you can see. People are really going for style.

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