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Translated into English. Thank you Dennise Romero Contreras

“How many men have I heard that they want a smart woman in their lives?

I would encourage them to think it well.

Smart women

They make decisions on their own, have their own wishes and set limits.

You will never be the centre of his life because it revolves around itself.

An intelligent woman will not let herself be manipulated or blackmailed, she does not swallow blame, she assumes responsibilities.

Smart women

They question, analyze, argue,

They’re not happy, they’re moving forward.

Those women were alive before you, and they know they’ll still have it once you’re gone.

She’s here to warn, not to ask for permission.

These women don’t look for a leader to follow in the couple,

A father who solves their lives, nor a son whom to rescue.

They don’t want to follow you or set the way for anyone,

They want to walk by your side.

She knows that life free from violence is a right,

Not a luxury or a privilege.

They express anger, sadness,

Joy and fear alike,

Because they know that fear

It does not make them weak in the same way that anger does not make them ‘male’.

Those two emotions and the others, all together, make it human And now!

An intelligent woman is free because she has fought for her freedom.

But she’s not a victim, she’s a survivor.

Don’t try to chain her

Because she will know how to escape.

Remember that you have done it before.

The intelligent woman knows that her value does not lie in the appearance of her body

Or what he does with him.

Think twice before judging it by her age, stature, volume, or sexual behavior, because this is emotional violence and she knows it.

So… before opening your mouth to say you want a “smart” woman in your life, ask yourself if you are really made to fit into her.”

Gabriel García Márquez