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Just for the facts. Most sugar substitutes are actually unhealthy for you because of the way they are processed. Medically, a little sugar used in a marinade will have zero impact on calories, or affect blood sugar. Most marinades have a sugar in them. Whether cane, agave, sucrose, fruit, you name it. It a) adds depth to meat, b) helps in carmelizing the meat and c) helps seal in juices better. Also, for those worried about the Soy Sauce GMOs, there are non GMO Soy Sauces. I actually make a version of this marinade and several others, as marinades, custom seasonings, and custom sauces is my thing. I do highly recommend this marinade if you need a quick and easy one.

This actually works great with any cut of beef, chicken, or even pork. You can even blend in a little to your hamburger meat, simply omit (do not add) the Olive Oil. I would recommend though, brushing your hamburger once formed into a patty or loaf with some Olive Oil.

You can also use it on Tofu, Eggplant, Asparagus, Carrots, most Vegetables. Not for tenderizing, but for depth of flavor.

For all of you that don’t ‘get’ this recipe…little do you know, you have probably already eaten meat and or veggies, already cooked from this marinade in most of your restuarants, using this exact recipe, or a variation.